LSE LINOTP Missing in App Center


I am new to UCS, and firstly wanted to comment on what an excellent product it is; a hearty ‘thank you’ for it’s development and excellence!

I am hoping someone with more experience can point me in the right direction to accomplish the following:

  1. I would like to implement SSO, with OTP support. From what I see, there are a couple of option that integrate with UCS: PrivacyIdea, and LinOTP. I installed PrivacyIdea, but had to manually use pi-manage to create the admin user, which was not created by default, and was never able to get it working. This leaves LinOTP, however, it is missing from App Center. How would I proceed to install LinOTP?
  2. I need to implement SSO itself, and have enabled the UCS integrated SAML for accounts, but the option to click “Single Sign On” in top right is marked through. How would I enable SSO for UCS?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Jason,

this is a rather old topic, nevertheless someone might be interested in.

LinOTP is not integrated in UCS anymore. When I was working for the company, which provides LinOTP, I was the driving force to put LinOTP in the App Center. It seems that currently no one else does.
privacyIDEA is a modern fork of LinOTP. Modern in regards to python style and the underlying framework.

As you saw, privacyIDEA is available in the App Center. (hm, ok, currently we are working on the App for UCS 4.2)

There might be many reasons, why your were “never able to get it working”. In this case, you might ask for help?
First you need a subscription file for running privacyIDEA on UCS. You get it here:

If you want to do SAML, you also need to install the privacyIDEA SAML Plugin on your UCS Domain Controller.

Next step is to got to the privacyIDEA management interface and start enrolling tokens.
You can log in as “administrator@admin” with your domain password.

…just in case you want to give it another try with UCS 4.1.

Kind regards

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