Lost apps in 5.0

Is there a way to install on UCS 5.0 the apps such as Guacamole, Openvpn, Collabora that were dropped from the appstore?
Since my upgrade failed several times, I did a clean install and lost access to the above. They may have been less popular, but they were of great utility to me.

I think it will take time until most apps are adapted to UCS 5. Whether all apps are ported from version 4 to 5 I can not estimate.

There was a link here where you can see the progress of the porting of the apps. Unfortunately I can’t find it right now.

with best

Thanks much Sven. I see Collabora is now in the store. Can you point me to where I can understand what is best for me between Collabora and OnlyOffice? My main point is that I have now only a couple of users, so I am looking for the low resource intensity solution. Thanks!

I am not aware of a functional comparison between OnlyOffice and Collabora. That might depend on whether you work with MS Office or Libre/Open Office.

We use Libreoffice exclusively and have therefore chosen Collabora.