Logon script problems

In my test environment I have 3 Univention servers. One samba 4 (called pdc). The second samb4 (called bdc). The 3rd is a samba 3 domain member (called Fserver)

I have tried entering: logon.bat under an individual user. This is not auto-execute for my test XP Clients
I have tried entering: scripts\logon.bat under an individual user. This is not auto-execute for XP Client
I have tried setting the Univention Configuration Registry variable samba/logonscript to scripts\logon.bat and this is not auto-execute for XP Clients
I can manually execute the logon.bat file from \pdc\netlogon and get the intended results.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Adding pauses to the LOGON.BAT file helped prove that it was not even processing the BAT file.
Am I formatting the location for the script wrong? (scripts\logon.bat)


with Samba 4, all logon scripts have to be placed in /var/lib/samba/sysvol//scripts/ (see chapter “Logon scripts / NETLOGON share” of the UCS 3.0 manual). After that just add the filename of your script as logon script for individual users.

The UCR variable “samba/logonscript” only works in Samba 3 domains. With Samba 4 / AD you will have to add a global logon script via domain policy or set the logon script for each user as described above.

Janis Meybohm

OK, so group policy is the only way within Samba4 domain.
I can live with that, I just hadn’t begun testing GPO with Univention yet.

Ich hab scripts/logon.bat bei jedem User eingetragen. Die Clients sind mit Win7 ausgestattet. Das Batchfile wird jedoch nicht verlässlich ausgeführt. Führe ich logon.bat manuell aus, gibt es kein Prob damit.

Kann mir da jemand einen Tipp geben ?