Login to web-demo


call me blind or dumb or blinddumb :wink: but i can’t figure out how to login to UCS online demo. of course it tells me to use administrator and the initial password for root. but as i haven’t setup the machine, i simply won’t know.

any hints on that?

Hi Jimmy,

no, the credentials for the Online Demo should be filled in when you open it. So normally you don’t have to worry about the password and login. Please let us know here in the forum, if that doesn’t work.

I hope you enjoy UCS.


hey ben,
thanks for your reply.
as a matter of fact the screen at least showed entries in both available boxes. like Administrator in user and several dots in password
but they didn’t work… clicking on accept/login i got an error message


I just tested it and it works for me. If it happens again, please report it and attach the error message and the time of the login attempt.

ha! it’s like if you make an appoitment with the dentist because of toothpain and when you go there it mysterically vanishes.
meaning: i just tried it myself again and it worked. argh

Facing same issue…
Cant login to your demo server…
The login credentials are not pre-filed