Logging out from Kopano Meet not possible

Hello everyone.

After setting up Kopano Meet on our network on a Domaincontroller Slave (UCS 4.4-4) there is a very strange behaviour:

When I want to log out from Meet (by clicking on the avatar on the upper right corner and selecting “log out”) I’m redirected back to the login screen and the systems logs me in again - so I end up back in the app.

Is there anyone out there experiencing the same? Or anyone has any suggestions? I don’t know which additional informations I could attach at this point, so every help or request for further information I could deliver would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @dan_b,

if you have a look at the readme in the appcenter you will find the following:

Please note: Clicking on “Sign out” in Meet will currently sign users directly back in. This is due to the fact that Meet currently does not sign out users at the Univention OpenID provider app. This will be added in a future version.

Hello @fbartels,

thanks. You’re right, I should have read this. Perhaps I didn’t realize it, because the according sentence in the german version reads as follows:

“Wenn Sie in Meet auf “Abmelden” klicken, werden Benutzer derzeit nicht direkt wieder angemeldet.” That implicates the exact opposite of the actual behaviour.

But honestly: in this case it would make no sense to write it down, because everything would be as expected… I should have realized this. Sorry for the needless topic.

ah, thanks for this. I have fixed the translated text for the next update.