List of generic third party Windows printer drivers

List of generic third party Windows printer drivers

The purpose of this article is to collect a list of generic printer drivers that work well with Samba. In its current state it’s just a start to collect the vendor specific driver names which need testing. In the next step we want to test their behavior with respect to upload to Samba print servers and report here if they work well or if we found any issues or workarounds.

Drivers we tested that worked well:

  • HP Universal Print Driver for Windows (both Postscript and PCL6)

Drivers that are still under evaluation (on our Todo list):

  • Xerox V3 Global Print Driver (Postscript and PCL6)
  • Canon Generic PCL6 Printer Driver and Generic UFR II Printer Driver
  • Kyocera Classic Universal Driver
  • Lexmark Universal Print Driver
  • Ricoh PS/PCL6 Driver for Universal Print
  • OKI Universal Printer Driver
  • Driverless printing via “IPP Everywhere”

Note: Always choose the Type 3 (or v3) printer driver model. The v4 driver model expects a driver distribution source different from the print server (details: Microsoft: Printer Sharing Technical Details and Microsoft: Printer driver overview).