Limitations core edition

On the Licensing conditions page I’ve read the following regarding the core edition:

It is, however, not allowed to extend UCS domains (i.e. groups of UCS systems sharing information on users and systems via a common or replicated database), running UCS systems on the basis of commercial subscription agreements by UCS systems on the basis of the UCS Core Edition license.

What does this mean? Is it thus allowed to operate a backup directory node using this licensing model?

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As far as I understand the license terms all servers within one UCS domain must either be consistently licensed as UCS Core Edition or with UCS Enterprise Subscriptions. That means within one UCS domain you must not mix servers with different licensing models.

OK, so my use case of having one primary DC + 1 backup DC is possible if both are licensed with UCS core edition?

IMHO: It’s less about restricting core edition usage, than enforcing the proper amount of licensed enterprise edition systems.

One idea is that if you have i.e. 10 UCS servers within a UCS domain, you cannot just get 1 subscription to gain access to their support services for all 10: You either cover all 10 systems or none by Enterprise support.

Ok perfect, that’s clear to me. Thanks for your reply.