Life Cycle of UCS 3.0-x will end on 30th June 2013

The life cycle of UCS 3.0-x will end on 30th June 2013. The maintenance with bug and security fixes will thus stop for this minor release. UCS@school 3.0 that is based on UCS 3.0 is also affected. Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 3.0 was released almost two years ago in December 2011. It featured the complete new web-based UCS management system and the first available integration of Samba 4 in a professional product.

The maintenance of the UCS three major series is continued by UCS 3.1-x that is supplied with bug and security fixes. Furthermore, the maintenance of UCS@school is continued by UCS@school 3.1 and by UCS@school 3.1 R2, which was released last week.

Customers still on UCS 3.0-x are encouraged to update to UCS 3.1 that contains, among other things, Linux Kernel 3.2, Univention App Center, an update of Samba 3 and Samba 4, support for Microsoft Windows 2012 and Windows 8. Please contact your Univention partner or Univention for questions.