Licensing - physical CPUs

On the Prices and Subscriptions page under the Price section is the phrase:

Maximum number of physical CPUs

I cannot find any references in the knowledge base or elsewhere as to what this means, so I have questions:

  1. Does this mean a physical CPU regardless of number of cores (otherwise described as a ‘socket’)
  2. Does it mean each core on a ‘socket’ ?


Definitely a god catch. I’d have interpreted as physical CPU as in sockets, but Univention could clarify this since the term physical CPU can be a bit vague these days.

I am pretty sure that CPU sockets are meant with “Maximum number of physical CPUs”, because a limitation to a maximum of 2 cores would not be realistic nowadays.

HTH Robert


thank you for the question. Yes, we mean the physical CPU sockets. The Base Subscription is the only level where this is limited to a maximum (of 2). With the Standard and Premium Subscription it is unlimited.