Licensing of UCS

I just found out about UCS and I am very excited to test and hopefully replace Zentyal. The main reason is because we can do so much more with UCS. Anyways, I am a bit confused on the Licensing of the Core Edition:

Especifically, what does this mean: “It is, however, not allowed to extend UCS domains (i.e. groups of UCS systems sharing information on users and systems via a common or replicated database), running UCS systems on the basis of commercial subscription agreements by UCS systems on the basis of the UCS Core Edition license.”



You are not allowed to mix the Core licence with a paid subscription of UCS: If you go for our paid commercial licence, please be so fair to licence all your systems. This is to prevent you from only licensing you important systems and then run all your less important systems with the Core licence only. We simply don’t want to come into a situation, where we have to analyse if your problem is with the subscribed systems or with the unsupported Core systems.

Thank you very much! Very excited to have found UCS. Also very excited with UCC. Looks like I will be replacing Zentyal sooner than later.

Thanks again.