License import failed with locales error

Hello everyone,

i’am having some crazy trouble with a new UCS setup.

The setup runs normal without any errors.

But after the compete setup has finnished and it comes to the license import i always get
the error “Specified locale is not available”.

This error is totaly new to me and i already re-installed the UCS 10 times on differnt maschines.

The setups are always inside a Proxmox hypervisor with standard settings.

The thing is, i did a setup like many times before and never had problems with the license.

Maybe someone here in the forum has the right hint for.

Best regards,


copy paste the content of the llicense file instead of uploading the file - that worked for me multiple times with the error you got


OMG. It worked. That saved my week.

Great. Thank you very much.

Best regards,


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