License activation fail Error 503 - Broken installation after upgrade 5.5-4

I have htis Univention Owncloud installation. After every upgrade i need 2 days to fix it. This time it wants me to activate it but all services are down.

I cannot log in via SSH nor on the console. Web interface wants me to upload a licnese or request a new one. I do a request but i get error 503 so no ne license is coming over mail. I tried to upload the last license i have - again error 503.

Any hints are welcome. This is the error i get:
GET 503 (Service Unavailable)

This is ridiculous, univention provide core for free and then it fails on every upgrade. would not recommend using this product. I lost all the information i had as well.

this univention is total shit, this is my oppinion! NO SUPPORT AT ALL.