LetsEncrypt OwnCloud Univention App Error

I am a bit confused on how to configure the letsencrypt on the owncloud server app that uses univention. What is supposed to go in the domain field? I have heard a mixture of solutions but none are correct. I have also heard i need to purchase a domain and setup an FDQN for it to work. Why would i need to purchase a domain if letsencrypt is free?


yes letsencrypt is for free to get ssl certs for your domains, but letsencrypt has nothing to do with domain hosting so you must have your own domain registered on any domain hoster
you can also get a free domain eg from http://www.dot.tk/de/index.html

but you need your own domain - or how do you think should the domain be veryfied by letsencrypt if you do not have a domain registered ?


Ive purchased a domain from BlueHost but confused on if i need to add my owncloud server hostname as a cname or a record in bluehost. I currently have a a cname setup as such.

Host Record: “My BlueHost Domain Name”
Points To: “My OwnCloud Hostname”
TTL: 4 hours