Letsencrypt caldav service 8443 kopano

Hi all,
as mentioned here Cool Solutions - Let’s Encrypt I installed letsencrypt without problems. My problem now is, I want to access my kopano calendars via caldav over port 8443 and accessing https://my.server.com:8443/caldav/mailbox sends back the standard UCS certificate, and not the one I registered via letsencrypt.

Is there an additional variable like the letsencrypt/services/apache2 for caldav? Or how to achieve that my UCS sends back also the letsencrypt certificate for requests to the address mentioned above?

Thanks for your help!



you’ll have to specify the SSL cert in ical.cfg config file in /etc/kopano/
you should do this in with UCR variable “kopano/cfg/ical/ssl_private_key_file” and “kopano/cfg/ical/ssl_certificate_file”


Christian, thanks for the quick answer, that did the trick! Wasn´t aware of these settings.


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