Let's encrypt IMAP certificate path

Hi there,

I’m using let’s encrypt x509 certificates for transport security. They are working fine with kopano webapp and ical.
Just for IMAP kopano uses the default certificate which leads to client problems. Where can I change the certificate path for IMAP service? I cannot find a config file like the ical.cfg where I could specify the let’s encrypt cert.

Thanks a lot.



i think the settings for the POP and IMAP certificates are located in the gateway.cfg and are controlled by the UCR variables kopano/cfg/gateway/ssl_private_key_file and kopano/cfg/gateway/ssl_certificate_file

Thank you for quick response, it’s working now :wink:

Could you please explain how the letsencrypt certificates of ucs can be used for kopano imaps?

Maybe it is a good idea to have a checkbox in the letsencrypt app similar to apache/dovecot/postfix.

Hi @Ottorino,

there are some more detailed instructions (and also how to automate) in Mini-Howto: Kopano IMAP & Let's Encrypt. I have not tried this myself, though. I’m not using IMAP.