Ldif export aus dem Univention open-ldap



i like to create an ldif export from the Univention Open-Ldap with filter.

i need a tip howto make it…

i made a local test installation,

i need Name, Famalie-Name, password, email-address and if this accouont is activated or deactivated

do you have a good idea how to make it ?

kind regards


Hi @mmettke,

something like

univention-ldapsearch -LLL uid=someuser

could be a good way to start.




yes it was a very good way to start, only the hashed password was missing, any idea how to get this out.
i need all htis to implement all existing users in an external email system, would be much more easier to get all useres in it , than manuly




in general you cannot retrieve the hashed Unix password because it isn’t set anymore if the password was changed via Kerberos (which happens if you change it from a domain-joined Windows machine or if you use the self-service module). In that case only the Kerberos password field is available, and the Unix password field will only contain a hint telling the LDAP server to check the Kerberos field instead.