LDAP wrong configuration and now Nextcloud not logging in

Apology if this issue been already on the forum but I could not find similar topic.

While configuring LDAP and AD authentication Some misconfiguration happened and suddenly not able to log-in to nextcloud even with administrative credentials.
Not able to log in with nc-admin credentials which I found from /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/nextcloud/data/integration/admin.secret

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Are you still having the issue? Since around February 9th or 10th, when you posted this, we also haven’t been able to log-in to our NextCloud instance due to issues with “StartTLS” when establishing a connection via LDAP.

UPDATE: See other comment.

Okay, I found the solution in our case, which was to renew the TLS certificates at /etc/univention/ssl (which are the certificates used for LDAP.)
(Resource: Renewing the SSL certificates ).

Not sure if that would help with your issue.