LDAP univention free attribute case sensitive

Hello, using the free objectclass univentionFreeAttributes I used the syntax class string to identify my first attribute but i noticed that string are case sensitive, if i change in caseIgnoreMatch i have to reindex the ldap?

thanx in advance.


changing the type should not require further action. It should only affect how the LDAP server performs searches (case-sensitively vs. case-insensitively).

LDAP indexes can be used in order to speed up lookups. If you often search filtering on your univentionFreeAttributeX then creating an index for that attribute may be useful. Univention comes with several UCR variables that control which attributes are indexed (see the output of ucr search ldap/index). The most important one are probably the eq (euqality, e.g. univentionFreeAttribute1=somevalue) and sub (sub-string matching, e.g. univentionFreeAttribute1=other_value*).

After setting the corresponding variables you’ll have to re-create the indexes. Read the UCS performance guide for more information and how to do that.

Please be careful to keep the existing values in the UCR variables. Removing them would cause severe performance problems for most common LDAP searches.

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