LDAP Server Connection to UCS

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I have a server currently using openLDAP and it presently authenticates users in my organisation across the various platforms. I recently deployed UCS (pilot phase to be honest), is there a way to connect that server with UCS such as authentication credentials remain in that LDAP server, but it is used seamlessly in UCS too?

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it might be possible but it is not described and you may loose functionality in UCS.

Typically customers running OpenLDAP want to migrate to UCS to solve some problems like the migration of Samba 3 to Samba 4 which appears to be more complicated with other methods (see Migrate Existing Samba 3 Installations to UCS 4 with Samba 3).
It is also described how to connect an external OpenLDAP server via syncrepl.

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Dirk Ahrnke

Hello Dirk,

Thanks for your reply. The guide shows a Read only access to UCS LDAP. Is there a guide detailing how to read and write into the UCS LDAP?

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Can anyone help me here on this issue. Is it possible to Read and Write into the UCS LDAP Data?

docs.software-univention.de/doma … m-syncrepl seems to be about just reading but not writing into UCS LDAP data.

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at the moment I do not know of a documented method where you can write into the UCS LDAP from outside UCS. You can read via documented method.
There are two other sources you can use: our cool solutions wiki at wiki.univention.de and our SDB at sdb.univention.de .

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Thanks Jen.

Appreciate the response.