LDAP Schema for homePhone has two names

Is it normal for an LDAP schema object to have two names? In my LDAP browser I can see that the homePhone object has two names with one being “homePhone” and the other being “homeTelephoneNumber”. I’ve looked at other objects and they all have one name. I feel like this is throwing off my Google Apps Directory Sync program because of the two different names for this object and we use it to store a SHA1 hash of the user’s password so it can be pushed into Google.
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yes, attributes can have multiple names. Many of the core attributes have a short and a long name (e.g., cn/commonName, sn/surname, …).

My point is it goofs up tools like Google Apps Directory Sync. It does two different things when it sees the “homePhone” and “homeTelephoneNumber” names for the same object. How am I supposed to know which one to use?