LDAP mail attribute


I am trying to integrate a PGP server (symantec encryption server) with UCS OpenLDAP

When the server tries to enrol a user, it searches for the user by email address, using the ‘mail’ attribute

Here is an example from the debug log

Jul 5 16:08:02 testcontrol slapd[8086]: conn=1627 op=1 SRCH base=“dc=julian,dc=domain,dc=co,dc=uk” scope=2 deref=0 filter="(mail=julian.testing@domain.co.uk)"

However, this comes up with no results, since the email address is actually in the mailPrimaryAddress attribute

There is no way to make the PGP server search using mailPrimaryAddress instead.

Before I dig in and attempt “Packaging LDAP Schema Extensions” in the manual, perhaps someone can point me to an easier way?

many thanks,


Hi Julian,

don’t worry, the mail attribute is already present in the LDAP schema. In UCS, the mail attribute is merely considered a contact information, so you will find it at the Contact tab of a user.

The attributes mailPrimaryAddress and mailAlternativeAddress are relevant if you run a mail or groupware server on top of UCS, see docs.software-univention.de/manu … ent::users

Best regards,
Michael Grandjean

Thanks Michael, that is exactly the information I needed.

UCS saves me from battling ldap schemata yet again :slight_smile: