LDAP alias or map

Hi, I migrated a samba3.x that had dn as a search base for users: ou = people, dc = FQDN. Is it possible to have a mapping or alias so that we can still use the previous base while having users in cn = users, dc = FQDN?


here is the solution, add the followind ldif file to ldap:

dn: ou=People,FQDN
objectclass: alias
objectclass: extensibleobject
cn: People
aliasedobjectname: cn=Users,FQDN

ldapadd -x -h localhost:7389 -D cn=admin,FQDN -w $(cat /etc/ldap.secret) -f alias-ou.ldif


univention-ldapsearch -b ou=People,dc=ausl,dc=pr,dc=it -a find uid=USERID