Latest ISO fails with internal server error during installation

After upgrading to 4.2.2, I could no longer login and any login attempts would end up on a white screen after accepting my user/password combination. Since this is a sandbox environment, I opted to download the latest version instead of locating the issue using SSH.

Sadly, the latest ISO fails with “Internal Server Error: Could not connect to the module process” during the installation.

I have already tried to write the ISO to my memory stick once more, but the issue remains the same.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Thank you!

If by chance you have a snapshot of that environment or if it happens again, try clearing your browser cache or using a different browser as usual to connect to the UMC.

I could reproduce your error when installing from DVD exactly one time, and created a bug entry in our bugzilla for it. Does it happen every time you are installing UCS in your sandbox? How are you installing UCS? On hardware or in a virtual machine (what hypervisor)?

When the error occurs, pressing F5 will reload the setup process and you should be able to finish the installation.

Thank you for getting back to me!

I did try using different browsers and clearing the browser cache after the upgrade, but that didn’t resolve the problem.

Unfortunately, pressing F5 will result in the same error after just a few seconds. I am using a small hardware appliance for this test and, yes, it happens every time I try to install the current release. An older release worked just fine.

I guess I will have to wait on the next release before I can continue my test.

You can use the DVD from an earlier UCS release to reinstall and update to the current version, e.g. download the UCS 4.2-1 ISO

Can you describe the hardware appliance you are using? Which CPU, how much RAM and disk are available?

I would be interested to hear if that image is working for you. Older UCS versions are available, too.

I am using an old Sophos UTM 110/120 Rev. 5 appliance. While I don’t have all hardware details, I believe the appliance to be Intel Atom based with 2GB of RAM and 320GB hard disk.

The intention is to replace a Windows server handling simple AD, local DSN and user based home directories. This would be for a home office environment, but if it works we might opt to use in the corporate environment as well.

I believe I was on UCS 4.2-1 before the upgrade. So, I am guessing that this ISO will work, but I will install it once more to confirm that the upgrade problem isn’t a one-time off.

Any idea when a newer ISO will become available?

Thank you for your feedback!

Good idea. And in case you encounter a problem during the update, create a new thread here. It is easier to debug a running system with a failed upgrade than an installation that is not working at all.

We generally release new ISOs with every UCS release, the next would be in about 3 months. If we find the cause of the bug you encounter we may rebuild and release a new ISO earlier. But that is currently unlikely, as we can not reproduce the issue anymore.

I finally had some extra time to download the older 4.2.1 ISO. Installation went well (got one error popup which closed itself towards the end) and the system also updated itself during the process.

So far so good!

Now, there is one issue which has been there before. In the version I used before (4.2.1 or older), I would get a popup telling me saying “Internal Error: Could not connect to the module process. Server error message: Connection to module process failed” from time to time. In the new version (4.2.2.) I am getting it every time I logon. I also always get the initial popup asking me to approve feedback every time I logon and, yes, I have completed it the first time until the finish step came up.

So, there is still some kind of issue on my system.

That said, I was able to connect to an existing domain just fine. However, when I checked my DNS records, I only found a subset of the DNS settings of the domain server. Is this by design? It seems that it only copied AD related DNS settings, but I completely ignored all manually added A and TXT records.

If that is a separate issue, I can open another topic. Please let me know.

Yes it is a different topic. A new topic would be nice including some screenshots or log files.


Hey guys,

even if this special issue maybe is already obsolete, I want to add some information about the error message that might help others.

I observed the error message “Could not connect to the module process” while installing the UCS on my QNAP NAS (Virtualization Station). Every time I booted up different preconfigured .ova images, the installation GUI throwed this message and stopped working.

The solution in my scenario was quite simple: I had to change the harddisk interface from predefined “IDE” to “SCSI”.
Don’t know why this made a difference as I tried also SATA before and thought that the underlying Linux kernel should support that. But as far as I can see SCSI did the trick.