KVM Virtualization server



I have a 3 UCS server (DC Master, DC Backup and DC Member) on 3 different machines.
Now i have a new server and i’d like to start using virtualization (KVM) and UVMM but i’m not sure how to proceed with this new installation.
My question is: at the end of installation UCS ask to configure server role and i don’t know what i have to choose for a KVM virtualization server.
Could someone tell me how to install this KVM server?



you can install the KVM hypervisor on any UCS role. I would suggest to choose the memberserver role, to maximize the available resources for any VMs you create and run. UVMM is the management interface used to manage VMs in the Univention Management Console, it can be installed on any role as well.



how many physical sever are available at the end? The UUVM is not available in the role “meber” but in backup. In a singel-server-scenario ist:

  • KVM-Host (Backup)
  • KVM-Guest (Master)
  • … (Member)

IMHO the best way. When more than one physical server available it is better:

  • server 1 *
  • KVM-Host (Member)
  • KVM-Guest (Master)
  • … (Member)
  • server 2 *
  • KVM-Host (Member)
  • KVM-Guest (Member)


I use Proxmox as host system (hypervisor) an run any thing else as KVM VM’s - IMHO the better solution as Proxmox allows to build a cluster and supports Ceph as shared storage.