KVM not working under ESXi 6.5

Whilst exploring some possible UCS solutions I have loaded ESXi 6.5 onto an HP Microserver Gen8 with Xeon E31225 8GB RAM and SSD + 4x 2TB HDDs (RAID1+0). Machine boots from SSD and RAID is used to host the VMware Datastore.

I tried loading the various latest VM’s for UCS but without success so I settled upon an install of a new VM using the latest .iso

The VM has 3 cores, 6GB RAM and 500GB HDD. I have enabled hardware virtualisation in the bios as well as the cpu settings for the UCS VM in VMware. I have also allowed promiscuous mode for the vSwitch which hosts the UCS VM network adapter.

When installing I specified the network address and also all additional apps as I was intending to use this as a sandbox to learn/train/demo UCS.

Install ran to completion. Applied license file.

Everything appears to work except when I try to create a small Windows 10 (64-bit) VM in UCS under the UVMM (1cpu/2gb/32gb).
I can run through the wizard adding CD (iso) & HDD but when I click finish I get:

Internal server error.

Server error message:

Error defining domain “PC1”: invalid argument: could not find capabilities for arch=x86_64 domaintype=kvm

Please can someone suggest next steps to resolve.

Thank you



the first thing I would verify that the UCS “host” really has the capabilities to virtualize itself.
There is a post in German with some hints, maybe it helps.

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