Kvm-host without master

hello everyone,

i want to set up a new ucs environment and need kvm for virtualization. I also want to set up kvm-host as a member and ucs-master as kvm-guest.

There was an article describing the installation of the master without a domain. However, this is no longer available.

How can I install the kvm-host without domain and after installing the ucs-master in a vm install the kvm-host into the domain?

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I think your question is somewhat related to your other post about runnig a small environment?

The question is if you are getting a more simple setup by using somethin like ESXi or Proxmox (can, but doesn’t need to be tied to the UCS domain) and then install UCS on top as VM.

UVMM is pretty integrated into UCS and if you run your master inside the host that is being managed by UVMM and that domain goes down, you might end up in situations where you cannot manage that system without the UCS domain running before.

You could also run a barebones Linux KVM system as headless server and virt-manager, but you’ll have to do more on your own while ESXi and Proxmox are more the kind of “install and start using it”.

no, the question does not refer to the posting regarding the small environment.

I’m looking for a simpler method for my ucs environment:

  • KVM host with UCS (role: backup)
  • KVM Guest with UCS (Role: Master)
  • KVM Guest with UCS (Role: Member)

to install. At the time I install the KVM hosts, the master is not yet installed. I am looking for a way to install the KVM host (without master). Then I want to install the master in a vm and then I want to join the KVM host to the domain.

Hi pixel

OK, the questions looked similar so that is why I asked. Nonetheless I wouldn’t recommend your described setup.

First: Although the backup DC contains a replica of OpenLDAP and its own DNS, it does still depend on some servces provided by the master DC. At a cold boot you may end up in a loop where the master DC VM cannot be launched because the VMM services require contacting the master etc.

Also, if you lose your master DC, you can only promote the backup to a master DC. This would result in your master becoming tied to a physical machine. Similar to @Moritz_Bunkus in the other thread I’d really not recommend having a UCS DC physically tied to a hardware.

It could potentially be done, but I’d really recommend using a basic hypervisor of your choice that is independent from UCS instead if you don’t have the possibility to host it on different hardware. It will be easier and safer for upgrades and if things break, rolling back all VMs is easier than rolling back the host that is also hosting its local copy of the OpenLDAP DB etc.

Also looking at other products like oVirt / Red Hat Virtualization for example they explicitely do not recommend hosting your DNS infrastructure on the virtualization hosts that it also relies on DNS at runtime itself. Similar things apply to Active Directory and failover clustering etc.

Try this:


I made a test and a installation with 4.3 and it worked

Best Ben