Kopano4UCS in 4.4-8?

Will there be a new release of packages for the Kopano4UCS groupware suite that is compatible with UCS 4.4-8 anytime soon?

Or, as an alternative, is it possible to run Kopano on UCS 4.4-8 utilising the Kopano apt repositories directly?

Hi @tose,

the current app is already compatible with 4.4-8. Only for the 5.0 update there is not yet a public app release.

Hi @fbartels,

Silly me. Ofcourse you are correct. So if we substitute 5.0 for 4.4-8 in my original question, what would your response be please?

I cannot give an estimate for this at the moment. The integration needed some updates, since it used functionality that is no longer available in ucs 5.0. Plus the python code needed to be updated for python 3. From the ucs side some updates still need to be done for multilingual app dialogues, but I heard that is currently being worked on.

A preview version is already available in the test appcenter however. Feedback is appreciated, but can of course not be recommended for production environments.

Ok, thanks for response, Much appreciated :grinning:

how can I get informations when the update to 5.0 and Kopano is working for production environments?

Hi @MaJa,

I cannot give a date at this moment. To my knowledge the change on the ucs side for multi language apps is also still pending.