Kopano WebApp / z-push issue



we have a problem with displaying HTML formatted emails on IOS and Android devices. The complete content of the email is empty. Using the WebApp or DeskApp, the e-mails are displayed completely, but cannot be downloaded either. When trying, an “Unknown MAPI Error: MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED” is displayed.

Does anyone know the issue or knows how I can narrow down the error?

We currently use the following versions:

Univention Server 4.3-3 errata411

ii kopano-server-packages
ii kopano-webapp
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-desktopnotifications
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-filepreviewer
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-files
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-filesbackend-owncloud
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-filesbackend-smb
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-folderwidgets
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-mdm
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-smime
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-spell
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-de-de
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-en
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-spell-nl
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-titlecounter
ii kopano-webapp-plugin-webappmanual
ii kopano4ucs 1.5.13
ii kopano4ucs-lib 1.5.13
ii kopano4ucs-schema 1.5.13
ii kopano4ucs-udm 1.5.13
ii kopano4ucs-webapp 1.5.13
ii kopano4ucs-z-push 1.4.18
ii z-push-kopano 2.4.5+0-0
ii z-push-kopano-gabsync 2.4.5+0-0



Hello @neoc,

this a known effect (has been discussed here in the forum before) and a newer version from our repositories does not show this behaviour anymore. Sometime in the next weeks there will be an update in the appcenter to solve it for others as well.


Ah okay. I’ll wait then. Many thanks for the quick response.