Kopano WebApp Sent shows no signed mails. http:Error 500



Hi all. Since the Upgrade to UCS 4.3.1-errata 112 all sent mails, which i have signed with my Comodo Certificate could not be shown again. unsigned Mails are shown normaly. Received Mails also.
I have deleted the Cerificate but nothing changed. As i´m not so deeply involved in Debian Systems any hint will be apreciated :wink:

konfiguration: HP T610, 4 GB RAM, 60GB SSD, 5 Users


Hi @lnewlf,

does Kopano Webapp error opening an S/MIME email help?


Hi @fbartels
i tested, but i didn´t get the same error so i dont think its the same problem. anyway i updated php-curl and php-bcmath for test , nothing changed. Even after Restart of Server. sigh.

two days ago under 4.2.4 errata xxx all went smoothly.


Then, which error do you get?


Mein Problem … my problem:
Only in the Sent folder all mails, which are signed (not crypted) produces HTTP Error 500 and didn´t show up. No Error so far. But now my bed comes in reach :wink:
good night


What is logged in Apache at that time? If there is an error 500, there should be something in the error.log


Hi. I will check this again as i´m on short trip to my sons fifth Birthday. Thanks by now and til Monday


Hi again
Back from Birthday and public viewing… but i cant find any log which includes an relevant error after getting the 500 error. it is still here, no certificate anymore but no sent mail which used the certificate is showing up anymore… strange thing.


When you get an error 500 it must be logged by the Webserver as well. Maybe it would help if you open a ticket with our support, so that someone can investigate on your system directly.


hi. i will show tomorrow and if nesessary open a ticket. Thanks. If a solution is found i will report.



Hi @all. Just installed new Kopano Core and webapp 3.4.15 and wupi all ok again. Got no clue whats the reason but now all is running again. Thanks and blue Skies