Kopano-Webapp - Login not possible for every user

Hi there,

since a few days no user can login anymore into kopano-webapp, not even Administrator.
Message from Login-Page:

Sorry, access to WebApp is not available with this user account. Please contact your system administrator.

I didn’t change anything since I tested the login the first time. Is this a known issue? How can i enable access for the users again?
Version of kopano-webapp is

If you need any further information please feel free to ask.


Hi @beepab,

the error message indicates that WebApp has been set as a disabled feature for the user, if this is the case for all users then the feature likely has been disabled for all users in server.cfg.


Hi @fbartels,
thanks a lot this was helpful. However i don’t understand who set this in UCR as i didnt.
pop3 mobile outlook and webapp
where disabled.
I changed the var and restartet kopano-server and now it’s working again!


The packaging does not set these values, so it must have been someone with direct access to the system.

Very strange. Im the only admin and i didnt do this.
Nevermind. Its solved.