Kopano webapp files account configuration

I,ve installed the kopano Files plugin
But I’m still not able to connect my SMB shares,
When I review the files settings in the webapp aplication, it show me the green status.
But when I go to files it didn’t show me any file.
Apache2 error log show me the following:

[Sat Mar 03 19:45:58.126956 2018] [:error] [pid 9276] [client] [DBG][BackendStore] Registering backend: Webdav, referer: https://my-mailserver/webapp/
[Sat Mar 03 19:45:58.128977 2018] [:error] [pid 9276] [client] [DBG][BackendStore] Registering external backend: SMB, referer: https://my-mailserver/webapp/
[Sat Mar 03 19:46:14.829615 2018] [:error] [pid 10106] [client] [DBG][AccountStore] Found 1 accounts., referer: https://my-mailserver/webapp/
[Sat Mar 03 19:46:14.829671 2018] [:error] [pid 10106] [client] [DBG][FilesAccountModule] Sorting by account_sequence in direction: ASC, referer: https://my-mailserver/webapp/

Hmm. I thought I already replied here, but apparently not…

Since this is not really related to Univention I would recommend ask this question on the Kopano forum instead, e.g. in https://forum.kopano.io/category/21/plugins-for-kopano-webapp. Kopano Developers and QA staff as reading there from time to time.