Kopano WebApp File Integration Error

Hi all,

currently I’m trying to get file integration of kopano webapp to work.
After adding smb account to settings of my account - apache logs following error and test is unsuccessfull:

[BACKEND_SMB]: Share path set to share$, referer: https://xyz.local/webapp/
[BACKEND_SMB]: Opening a nativ smb connection via libsmbclient-php, referer: https://xyz.local/webapp/
[BACKEND_SMB]: SMB Share openened successfully!, referer: https://xyz.local/webapp/
[BACKEND_SMB]: [LS] start for dir: /, referer: https://xyz.local/webapp/
[BACKEND_SMB]: LS failed: Icewind\SMB\Exception\TimedOutException Object\n(\n

Any suggestions?
Using UCS 4.2-1 errata52, Kopano WebApp

hi @W7T2A,

since you are already posting in english could you repeat the post over in the official Kopano forum?

I’ll then make sure that one of the WebApp qa guys has a look at it.


I’ve opened new thread on https://forum.kopano.io/topic/397/kopano-file-integration-not-working