Kopano Upgrade from to wants to install MariaDB and Kopano packages on all UCS Servers in Domain




Did anyone run the Upgrade in UCS System with multiple UCS Servers ?



Is this run on 4.3?

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It is running on 4.3-1

i tried on different install also on 4.3-1 and there is the same


I can confirm this problem.

In my test environment I have Kopano installed on a member server. When I try the upgrade, the UMC tells me that it will

  • upgrade ~50 packages on my member server (so far so good),
  • install ~120 packages on my DC Master including the whole Kopano (server, gateway, CalDAV…) stack and MariaDB; until now the DC Master only contains the three kopano4ucs-… packages
  • not try to install anything on my DC Backup and my DC Slave

I do not have the official Kopano repositories active on any of my servers.

All of my servers run 4.3-1 errata 112.


Just got an update from Univention. The appcenter developers are currently looking into this. So far no obvious reasons were found as to why these packages are being installed.


any news on that problem ?



Hi, we just released UCS 4.3 errata 126 to address this issue.


ok, thanks - now it’s working as expected again