Kopano Signatur Template

I using UCS 4.1 and WebApp with Kopano Core 8.1.2-1. I want to use the Signature Template Feature which is describe in https://documentation.kopano.io/user_manual_webapp/settings.html

I put in the attributes for first and last name, but no attribute will be replaced with the current value.

What I have missing and how can i find out, what is the problem

Hello @MyKey0815,

since this does not really concern the integration into Univention I would welcome if you could repeat your question over on the Kopano Forum. Please then also include how you tried to apply the signature and how you tested if the templating markup has been replaced.

Sorry - that the signature replace not working, that is a issue of my UCS-Kopano Enviroment. Thats the reason why i put this question here.

Did you mean that I post them in the Kopano Enviroment anywhere and tell them, that I use UCS?

yes, please post in the Kopano forum anyway. The Univention forum is a good place for questions that concern the integration into Univention, but for everything else there will be more people reading and responding on the Kopano forum.