Kopano Server logs warning every few minutes

Hi all,

My Kopano server logs the following message every few minutes:

Tue Jun 27 19:16:38 2017: [warning] Previous message logged 100 times
Tue Jun 27 19:16:38 2017: [warning] Unable to retrieve parents for relation groupmember: uid attribute not found.

For now everything seems to work fine but I think this behavior is not normal.

Any suggestions?

Using UCS 4.2-1 errata52, Kopano Core


hello @W7T2A,

by the looks of the the error message you have a user somewhere, where a group membership is stored at the user object, but the group no longer exists. It’s a non crucial error and therefore logged as a warning.


Thanks for your answer - is it possible to detect / remove the orphaned entry in user object?


by raising the ldap logging it should be easier to find out which user is causing this error message. The alternative is to inspect all entries in your local ldap.

did you solve this problem?

Hi all,

same problem here. @fbartels, how can I raise ldap logging and where to find the logs?
@W7T2A, have you upgraded from Zarafa?


Hi @groupnet,

please have a look at https://documentation.kopano.io/kopanocore_administrator_manual/configure_kc_components.html#testing-ldap-configuration and https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/K4U/Changing+configuration+options

We see the same warnings here. In our case those groups do exist, but only as normal groups, not as dynamic groups. The query causing the warning to be emitted is the one for the dynamic groups. From our log files:

Wed Aug 30 13:37:07 2017: [  20006] plugin: ldaptiming [00000.00] ("dc=bs,dc=linet-services,dc=de" "(&(|(&(objectClass=posixGroup)(kopanoAccount=1))(objectClass=kopano-dynamicgroup))(gidNumber=40000))" uid ), results: 1
Wed Aug 30 13:37:07 2017: [warning] Unable to retrieve parents for relation groupmember: uid attribute not found.

Group ID 40000 is mitarbeiter, and that one is known to Kopano, just as a regular group:

[0 mbunkus@merrimack ~] sudo kopano-admin  --type group --details mitarbeiter
Groupname:              mitarbeiter

Any updates on this?

I am still quite sure that the reason for the error message is a user that cannot be resolved anymore (specific user is still member or a group, but the user in question has been renamed/removed). I’ve already posted how the logging can be raised to better find the offending object.

Nonetheless there was also a related discussion in the Kopano forum at https://forum.kopano.io/topic/264/unable-to-retrieve-parents-for-relation-groupmember-uid-attribute-not-found/2. Which pointed out that changing the default from text to dn will not print those error messages anymore (presumably since he directly tries to resolve the dn and does not have to search the tree for the uid).

Since this has other benefits (groups in groups) I have already commited this change for the next general app update (but no update is planned at the moment).