Kopano on UCS: Changing e-mail address deletes e-mails?


we are replaced an Exchange 2003 with kopano 8.3.1 on a UCS 4.2.1.
After we added the users and their e-mail addresses, migrated their emails to the new server, one of the users told us, that we had assigned the wrong e-mail address: Instead of NAME@domain.com it should be contact@domain.com.

When we did that, ALL e-mails of this account disappeared! Switching back to the old address did not return the emails.

My question now is, whether this is an expected behaviour or a bug? And is there a chance to somehow restore the emails? kopano-admin --list-orphans does not list an old/deleted account.

Thanks for any hints and comments,


Hi @smguenther,

just like I replied to you in the Kopano forum I would really recommend you to contact our support instead of posting to the forum is you have an urgent issue.