Kopano Meet with coturn?

It looks like MEET needs a subscription from Kopano to work with remote users.
Any pointers on how to configure it for using coturn?
The App interface seems to work only with one from Kopano.
Thank you.

Not necessarily, but having a subscription will give you access to a turn service hosted and provided by Kopano. This is basically the same as it was with the old Kopano WebMeetings. During early planning we saw that its difficult for partners to provide properly configured turn services (needs at best two ip addresses, should be accessible on port 443, …) therefore made the decision to provide this as a hosted service to our customers.

It’s on my todo list to add settings for an own turn service to the settings interface on UCS (see https://stash.z-hub.io/projects/K4U/repos/kopano-apps/browse/kopano-meet/TODO), but it was of no priority to me so far.

The app uses the containers from https://github.com/zokradonh/kopano-docker/ under the hood, you can find the start script for kwmserver (which would need the turn configuration at https://github.com/zokradonh/kopano-docker/blob/master/kwmserver/wrapper.sh. In the end you just need an override file that adds the additionally required environment variables to the kopano_kwmserver container.

If you want to work on a pr to expose these settings in the settings dialogue let me know. I’d be glad to review and push an updated version.

Thank you. When you say “Not necessarily” do you mean that remote users can use the service without the Turn? If so what is the reason for having one?

No, to help establishing connections between users on different networks you definitely need a turn server. But you don’t need a subscription from Kopano to do so.

Thank you, So how do I get the TURN account from Kopano? I have followed the link and was send to https://meet-app.io/free-unsupported-community-package but just receive the email with instructions on how to install Meet.

Like I said before: The turn service is available to (paying) customers of Kopano.

Maybe the above statement was confusing. To use the Kopano turn service, you need a subscription from Kopano. But if you run your own turn server (which was you initial question) you of course don’t need a subscription to make use of it.

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Thank you @fbartels for the update… I think I have seen settings for this in the latest update.

Can I set a port with :port in the uri-field? Do I need a protocol or just the hostname of the turnserver?

Hi @lebernd,

you can find examples of valid uris for turn servers at https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7065#appendix-A

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Just because I’m not allowed to give two likes… Thank you very much @fbartels - works very good. :+1::pray:

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I use my on co-turn server with my UCS Kopano Meets server. It works very well. Unfortunately it looks like Kopano meets is going away moving forward.