Kopano Meet Loop

Moin zusammen bzw. welcome back in the office,

I’ve installed kopano-openid and kopano-meet on a slave-server but I just get a loop from the meet login page.

Any help to debug this?

There were two changes:
fdqn of meet goes to meet.domain.tdl
fdqn of openid goes to openid.domain.tdl

I can see docker ps kapi and kwmserver not too healthy, rather unhealthy :frowning:


Hi @lebernd,

Please provide the output of https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/K4U/Debugging+Kopano+on+Univention#DebuggingKopanoonUnivention-Containerisedapps

Can you describe what is actually looping?

Can you provide the output of the docker health check?

Did you rerun the join script after changing the domain names?

Hi @fbartels and thank you for responding, a lot to do I guess…

a walkthrough with the commands you’ve linked already pointed the way.
Problem was, that I didn’t update the DNS-server on UCS, just on the hosting side. So there was no output from the curl-command.

The loop was on the meet-login-page as there was no way to move to openid…

Thank you, stay save and healthy,

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