Kopano-Meet contacts

Hello again,

is there a way to limit the contacts from kopano-meet users to UCS-groups? Now I - and everybody else - sees all UCS users.


hi @lebernd,

the filter can be adapted. So far I just wanted to have all users being able to directly use it,

You need to change adapt the filter in https://stash.z-hub.io/projects/K4U/repos/kopano-apps/browse/kopano-meet/compose?at=b408cfd971b#93 (and remove the comment). Its best to do this through an override file, so that its preserved through updates.

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I have created the following override for test purpose docker-compose.override.yml:

version: "2.0"

      - LDAP_FILTER=(&(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(memberOf=cn=app-meet,cn=groups,dc=int,dc=domain,dc=de))
      #- LDAP_FILTER=(objectClass=organizationalPerson) # TODO identify attribute to filter on to avoid join users showing up in the gab

What do I have to do to execute the override?
Will it be executed on univention-app start kopano-meet ?

It sure would be nice if I could filter on the group memberships of the user…

Hi @lebernd,

you just need to run docker-compose up -d while being ib /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/kopano-meet/compose/ (the same dir where you should have created the override file in). This will recreate all containers that are related to the change.

Hi @fbartels

I don’t see any difference between:

  • no filter
  • advanced filter LDAP_FILTER=(&(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(memberOf=cn=app-meet,cn=groups,dc=int,dc=domain,dc=de))
  • simple filter LDAP_FILTER=(objectClass=organizationalPerson)

wondering if I’ve done that one the right way :man_shrugging:
But the containers seam to recreate when I change the override.

Hi @lebernd,

the no difference between “no filter” and filtering for organizationalPerson is simple. It’s the default value.

Does the filter work when running it with univention-ldapsearch? Maybe the python ldap library does not do memberof?


Yes, that one I’ve checked before.

I will try something else!
Thank you!

Well, no.

I’ve tried some other objectClass that reduces the search result - but I get the same list in meet.

Hi @fbartels,
another idea on this contact filter thing?

@lebernd sorry. Did not have further time to look into this. I would recommend to follow this up with the Kopano support.

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