Kopano Contacts Folder is "Wrong Type"

I am moving several users from a standard IMAP server into a ucs server with kopano. All has been going well using kopano-migrate-pst to import a small pst file with calendar, contacts, and tasks exported from Outlook and then using kopano-migrate-imap to import the folders.

My problem with ONE (1) user is that the Contacts folder in Kopano Desktop somehow has been changed to “Mail and Post Items” instead of Contact items.

I manually created a “Kontacts” folder and moved the imported contacts into this new folder with the intention of deleting the default "Contacts’ folder and renaming “Kontacts” to “Contacts” . I am unable to do this.

Is there a proper way to change the folder type on the “Contacts” folder so that I can put the contacts back into the proper place?

Thank you!

I found this post:

You can use python-kopano for that see this example

import kopano
user = kopano.user("user1")
folder = user.store.folder("test")
folder.container_class = "IPF.StickyNote"

And changed it to the “Contacts” folder and IPF.Contact for the class.

This SOLVED my problem!

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