Kopano Community and Community Forum discontinued

Hi Folks,

according to the following post:

the community edition and the community forum of Kopano will be discontinued.

I think that many UCS users will be affected by this.

well this really sucks.

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Really sad but not unexpected. Development had stopped 1 1/2 years ago (though there was one minor bugfix in late 2021 when search functionality broke), the last major version released to commercial customers (v8.7.0) was in 01/2019.

Some people claim that development continues behind closed curtains, I for one think this is a lie (I’ve seen the same lies at Scalix before I had to migrate to Zarafa, then Kopano) but of course it COULD be true. But even if they come out with a new commercial-only version, I would not be interested. A software without a public discussion forum is worthless to me, the commercial support is usually staffed by people with only the minimum knowledge possible to get the support job and they don’t really have any clue because if they had any clue they would work in development not in support.

Yeah I’m shattered. We bought a firm that had a couple of community instances for their clients. Most of these firms are small businesses who would normally use IMAP, but after a few years they decided they need calendar and contact sharing. The can’t or won’t afford Office 365, so Kopano Community Edition was a good solution. I’ve vested so many man hours setting it up, helping clients, documenting it. And now it’s dead. Most of these clients won’t pay the prices for the commercial version and to be honest this whole experience has made me loose faith in the organization a bit. I’ll try my best to see what I can tell the clients, but for now I am very despondant.