Kopano clandarsync plugin error

Hi all,

I have here successfully kopan running.
Now I try to get the caledarsysnc Plugin working, but gettin allways a error message.

###Getting sync settings for user: annitest
Found sync url: for calendar: 000000002791228fa26e4c4494ef8c29357a0f1b01000000030000002548b94852d04ed2b87504984a9e1e6900000000
Update intervall OK (1496221385): 1496218364
Got valid data for stored in /tmp/annitest000000002791228fa26e4c4494ef8c29357a0f1b01000000030000002548b94852d04ed2b87504984a9e1e6900000000592e86c9961809.27388963.ics
uploading file to: http://localhost:8080/ical/annitest/Kalender/ (403)
Uploading failed: 403

in the logfile I can see this:

Wed May 31 11:10:10 2017: [error  ] [ 3315] Unable to Modify Message: 0x80070005
Wed May 31 11:10:10 2017: [error  ] [ 3315] Error processing PUT request, error code 0x80070005 no access

Any one a Idea why this user whit admin rights we created have no access to upload the files and creats the 403 error.

When I use the same user to pull over the webbrowser, it works like it should this is the url

Here the config of this kopano user:

Username:		kalendersyncadmin
Fullname:		dumy kalendersyncadmin
Emailaddress:		kalendersyncadmin@domain.intranet
Active:			yes
Administrator:		yes (system)
Address book:		Hidden
Auto-accept meeting req:no
Out Of Office:          disabled
Last logon:		31.05.2017 11:20:37
Last logoff:		31.05.2017 11:20:34
Mapped properties:
	0x8C6D0102		48 bytes	
	PR_SURNAME		kalendersyncadmin	
	PR_EC_ENABLED_FEATURES	mobile; outlook	
Current user store quota settings:
 Quota overrides:	no
 Warning level:		unlimited
 Soft level:		unlimited
 Hard level:		unlimited
Current store size:	0.00 MB
Groups (1):

Best Theo

Hello Theo,

since this has not really something to do with Univention I would either recommend to post your question over at the official Kopano forum, or (since this is not a plugin by Kopano) to ask the original author.