Kopano broken after todays update to Webapp version

I have upgrade to UCs 4.4-4 errata602 with “univention-upgrade”.

root@ucs002090:~# univention-upgrade

Starting univention-upgrade. Current UCS version is 4.4-4 errata602

Checking for local repository:                          none
Checking for package updates:                           none
Checking for app updates:                               found

The following apps can be upgraded:

Kopano WebApp: Version can be upgraded to

Starting app upgrade
Do you want to upgrade Kopano WebApp [Y|n]?

Press [ENTER] to continue
Multifile: /etc/postgresql/9.4/main/pg_hba.conf
Module: zarafa-cfg
File: /etc/univention/service.info/services/univention-appcenter.cfg
File: /usr/share/univention-portal/apps.json
Module: kopano-cfg
Module: zarafa-cfg
Module: kopano-cfg
Module: create_portal_entries
Module: zarafa-cfg
Module: kopano-cfg
Checking for release updates:                           none

Then I restart the server and try to login via WebApp. The mentiones “Ein Anfrage an das System konnte nicht bearbeitet werden”-Error came up

Currently i restore my backup, while i need the system working

@tpfann had a different error message, though.

If you come across this again I would recommend to:

And if you have a subscription either contact Kopano support for further assistance, or open a topic on the Kopano forum, as there WebApp developers check in more frequently.

Same here. In the meanwhile I was forced to restore my productive virtual machine from backup (Hyper-V). On my test system I am not able to reproduce the issue. Maybe I give it another try on the weekend

@tpfann @MyKey0815 do you by any chance have smb shares configured in kopano files? Will login work when the files plugin is deactivated? (can be done in config.php)

Related post on the Kopano forum: https://forum.kopano.io/topic/3212/files-plugin-causes-problems

Hello fbartels, thank you for your feedback.

I have the files plugin enabled, I am using it for accessing ownCloud.
Will give it another try on the weekend with the plugin disabled and let you know.

The new Kopano Webapp is severly broken if big external storages are attached in the “files” view. Then the Apache error log is filled up with log messages indicating that it tries to add all files to a cache:

Fri May 22 00:17:45.846777 2020] [:error] [pid 2727] [client] [DBG][FilesListModule] Getting cache for node: 49eb6ce2ae933880f6fe61cc9e626db3/install/portableapps/PortableApps/XAMPP/App/xampp/mysql/backup/test ## user499ebe01e61bbab09703fc6a8bb5899f, referer:

This breaks the webapp heavily by making it extremely lagging. The storage configured in the settings menu cannot be removed because of this lag, the temporary files in /var/lib/kopano-webapp/tmp have to be deleted to make the webapp working again. If a storage (SMB/Nextcloud) is added, the problem persists. Only removing all external storage from the webapp for now works.

Hello everyone,

it seems a non final version of kopano files has found its way into our internal staging environment and was therefore published with the latest WebApp update.

I have just opened a ticket with Univention to replace the 3.0 version of files in the app with the last 2.x version. For the time in between you can download the packages from https://owncloud.kopano.com/s/tiDj5mGUE6saddm and simply downgrade then yourself with dpkg (after extracting the archive).

Awesome! Thank you! It works!


Where can I track the status of this ticket?

Its a ticket in their support system, i don’t think these can be viewed publicly.

When the ticket has been closed there will be an app update.

15 days now since the issue was reported and still the package wasn’t pulled or fixed. Wow!

@tpfann can you explain how you think your last comment will improve the situation?

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how does it improve the situation still to provide a corrupt package?

I got a notification that the new app version is now available. Additionally the kopano-files packages have been removed from the old app repository.

If someone had already upgraded then a manual step is required. The commands are explained in readme of the update.

Great. Thank you for the update!


the new release of the app solved the “unexpected error” issue for me.
Nevertheless it was still required on my system to edit the ennvars file in order to fix the issue with the German Umlaute.

export LANG=de_DE.UTF-8
(followed by a restart of apache2)

Now everthing is back to normal, thx to everyone :slight_smile:


export LANG=de_DE.UTF-8

I am just wondering, what an admin has to do, if his UCS-server is used by international employees using German, French and Spanish charsets.

In such a case I guess the option described above by fbartels could be the better approach:

Can you post this manual step here or give me a hint where to find it after I upgraded to the latest version? I saw the description in the update window, but sadly didn’t save it.

sure. the whole scripting of that app is in a git repository. You can find the update readme at https://stash.z-hub.io/projects/K4U/repos/kopano-apps/browse/kopano-webapp/appcenter/README_UPDATE.md

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