Kopano attachments bigger than 5,9kb causing http 500 internal server error

Hello Everyone,

the title says it all. No matter if i try to forward or create a new e-mail with the a file bigger than 5,9kb i get the following

The mail attachment size in the UCS variables are at default 10MB.

The strange thing is, that nothing was changed when the error suddenly has occurred. I did not install any updates or anything. I updated the system once the error showed up, but that did not change the behaviour. My installed packages and current UCS version are:

UCS: 4.4-8 errata1179
Installed: kopano-core= kopano-webapp= owncloud=10.8 samba4=4.10 z-push-kopano=2.6.2-1

My Apache2 error log shows no error once the http 500 pops up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

edit= if anyone who has an answer wants to reply in german, please feel free to do so.

thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

ok i found the problem. it seems to be my reverse-proxy nginx.

i have to figure out now, what is going on there.

edit= rule of thumb. IT works better if there is enough space left on your hdd and you dont ignore your monitoring :roll_eyes: