Keycloak Update Error

good morning

I have a UCS with the following version running in my private environment:

Current UCS Core version is 5.0-4 errata783

when logging on to the UCS today there has been an update for “Keycloak”, but when running the update there is a serious error reported as follows:

Update of Keycloak
When trying to implement it, there were errors with keycloak on “dns-name-des.ucs”.
These error messages come from the server. More information can be found in the system log file: /var/log/univention/appcenter.log

Downloading Docker image failed: Pulling keycloak ... [1A[2K Pulling keycloak ... [31merror[0m [1B ERROR: for keycloak Get dial tcp: lookup on x.x.x.x53: no such host Get dial tcp: lookup on x.x.x.x:53: no such host

when checking the DNS it turns out that “” cannot be resolved.
how do i work around this error?
have a nice start of the week

Greetings Werner

even the host is not resolvable.

Thank you for your report. We are working on correcting the App Metadata right now, a fix will be available soon. You will just need to retry the update to the latest version.

Problem is fixed, an App update should work now.

vielen Dank, alles wieder in Ordnung

Just for future reference: The host sems to be an internal dev host internal to Univention. I had this problem when updating to latest version but with test app center enabled and the keycloak update failing because it had a reference this knut host.

Hello. I’m facing the same issue. My currently installed version of UCS is 5.0-6 errata90, and I’m trying to update the Keycloak version from 19.0.1-ucs5 to 23.0.3-ucs1 (latest). However, the update fails with the following error:


Am I missing something ?

Version 23.0-3-ucs1 is not released yet, the latest version is 22.0.3-ucs2 at the time of writing this. Keycloak - Univention App Center

Your UCS server is configured to use the test app center. While developing app updates at Univention, these errors may occur, as the docker image is not yet transferred to the external docker registry.

Thanks for the hint @damrose running the following command fixed my issue:

univention-app dev-use-test-appcenter --revert