Just installed Wekan - did not get an activation key in email

I just installed Wekan using the VirtualBox ova. It imported, I started it, I entered the email requested for the activation key (same email I’m using for this forum), and it finished the setup. It told me to open a browser, go to and upload the key which should come in an email.

I go to my Gmail, and I see the Onboarding email message from Univention, but there is no key file attached.

How can I obtain the necessary key file to active Wekan?

So after seven days, there is no replies. Today I get one the Univention automated emails asking me how did the license key work? I still don’t have a license key because one was never sent.

So apparently I will never get Wekan to work. Wonderful support. As usual, no real way to contact an actual support person. This is the essence of poor support.

OK, so I found a contact email and sent a request for help there.

I reinstalled Wekan again, and this time tried to login at the root console using the password I set for root and Administrator. Guess what? Neither of them work.

Anyone got an explanation for that? I follow the steps exactly as required and login still doesn’t work. I can’t login using the Management Console because I still don’t have a license key.

This is staggeringly bad. I’ve been reading a couple dozen introductory articles on how to install UCS, and numerous “we can’t log in” posts all over the Web - and have yet to find an answer that doesn’t require knowing the internals of domain controllers.

All I want is a license key to get to the Management Console, and/or at least some way to login to the system via the console. How hard can this be?

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