Joining UCS domain from a Mac OS X client

I completed setting up the UCS appliance in virtual box. Also created a computer account for a Mac OS X client computer (OS Version: 10.11.12) in the UCS. In the Mac Client i opened the Directory Utility via Network Account Server: “Join…” button in the Users & Groups system preferences. In the Directory Utility i have given the AD Domain and the computer ID following the Administrator credentials to join the domain but the message pop-up shows as “Credentials could not be verified as username or password is invalid”. I am giving my credentials correctly and can able to login in the UCS management console. Please advise what needs to be done to resolve this issue.


I have to admit that I’ve never joined a Mac OS client myself. However, when joining a Windows machine you do not create a computer object in the domain first. Instead such an object is created automatically during the join process.

So please remove your newly-created computer object from the domain. Then try joining once more. Also try “administrator”, “domainnamen\administrator” (replace “domainname” with your actual domain name, of course – the short one) and “” as the user name when joining. For example, our FQDN is, and our short (NetBIOS) domain name is “linet”. I’d therefore try “linet\administrator” and "".

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