Joining Ubuntu 22.04 server with SAMBA as a file server to UCS domain

I want to join a UCS domain with an Ubuntu 22.04 server with SAMBA.
I had no luck following this guide: Setting up Samba as a Domain Member - SambaWiki
I can join a Windows Server 2016 Active Directory Domain, but when I try to join a UCS domain, it fails:

$ realm join MYDOMAIN.LOCAL
realm: Cannot join this realm
$ net ads join -U Administrator
Failed to join domain: failed to find DC for domain MYDOMAIN - The object was not found.

I can join the system as a client with the tool univention-domain-join-cli, but I need to join the SAMBA server as a domain member, so that external clients can authenticate to the shares provided by this server with the credentials of the UCS domain.

I can’t find any specific docs on this topic. Is this even possible?

I use for the join of Ubuntu(based)- and Debian- S
clients the script:

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