Join multiple UCS servers to existing AD domain?


Hi there,

I currently have 1 UCS server joined to an existing Ms AD domain. I want to add an additional UCS server and also join it to this existing AD domain …but the installer displays a warning that i will replace the previously joined UCS server.

Is this the intended behaviour? I can’t find a conclusive answer in the docs or on the forums whether it should be possible or not.

I’m hoping to avoid a single point of failure for UCS domain <=> AD domain sync.

Kind regards.


You can’t join an additional UCS server as master to the AD, but you can install additional UCS servers as member servers to the already joined UCS master - this servers will get the AD objects from the existing UCS master when the app “active Directory compatible domaincontroller” is installed on the new member server



Hi Christian,
Thanks for the confirmation. That’s what i guessed, but wanted to know for sure.

Kind regards.


The documentation could use an extra line of clarification. :wink:

I was hoping a UCS Backup DC would also take over AD sync services in case of a UCS DC failover event.

Anyhoo, still loving UCS! :+1: