Jitsi meeting, poor quality


I try to use Jitsi sensibly. I have installed the app under UCS 5.0.1. On the UCS I have created a VHOST for the subdomain as described here:

There are only two parameters in the app settings. I have set these as follows:

Public IP address of the host: 192.168.xx.6
Public URL: https://meet.mydomain.de

For the first test, I start a meeting with only two participants. Here it often happens that the picture of a participant is standing. At the next attempt, the sound is missing. Sometimes picture & sound works.

The host has enough power. 8 CPU cores and 48GB RAM. Do any other adjustments have to be made to Jitsi?

with best

That should be plenty. What clients do you use?
Chrome or jitsi apps are recommended.

Bishher Firefox and the official Android app. Just tested with Chromium. That is clearly better! I will test it further.